LEGO® Therapy

LEGO therapy is an effective method for children to naturally build their social communication and interaction skills. It uses LEGO as a therapeutic tool in a structured way that is motivating and fun for the child.

LEGO therapy uses a joint building project which is built together as a team. To complete the building project requires effective communication; a natural therapy method for reinforcing social contact and good behaviour.

Each participant has a different role. The ‘architect’ looks at the illustrated building guide for the LEGO set. Another role is the ‘supplier’ who has all the necessary bricks to complete the project. The third participant is the ‘builder’ who is responsible for putting the pieces together. The session is facilitated by an adult, who provides tailored support for each participant as required.

Research studies have shown that LEGO therapy is an effective means of developing the following skills;

  • Verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Attention and Listening
  • Spontaneous interaction
  • Turn taking
  • Problem solving

In addition, a study found that children who participated in LEGO therapy presented with reduced behavioural concerns.

For more information please see my 5 minute YouTube video on LEGO Therapy.

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